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Laborers Local 177

Turn your construction job into a construction career


Local 177 members have a particular set of diverse skills that they use on the job rather that job be construction, remodeling or demolition.

We do a variety of tasks within our work day such as asphalt, black top, sewers, bridges, heavy and highway construction, pipeline, concrete paving, placement, curb and gutter. Erecting scaffolding, flagging and controlling traffic, job site clean up, material handling, stocking jobs with materials, rigging and signaling, concrete cutting, environmental remediation (including asbestos, lead, and hazardous waste). Earth compaction, pavement breaking, landscaping, operation of cutting torches, sandblasting, as well as specializing in heavy and detailed demolition.  Also in that list of tasks is environmental remediation which is the removal of asbestos, lead, mold and hazardous waste. Those particular tasks require more in depth specialized training in the process of removal, set up of containment, and use of the personal protection equipment. We ensure that the job is done with not only the best interest of the contractor but also the best interest of the worker.

Laborers also are employed by contractors for purposes of tending and assisting other trades in their job site role. Such as the Carpenters, Plaster Masons, Brick Masons, Cement Masons.

Laborers work both indoor and outdoor jobs in a variety of seasons and weather conditions. Which means picking the right tools for the job starts with getting dressed in the morning. Working as a union member you are going to be submerged into a world of safety. So save the shorts, cut off t-shirts and sneakers for after work.

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