Besides all the money you’ll save on a gym membership, Laborers Local 177 offers many exclusive perks and quality benefits to the membership AND enables you to earn a fair wage.

Benefits and Perks

  • Medical insurance plan
  • Dental insurance plan
  • Vision insurance plan
  • Retirement pension plan
  • HRA medical reimbursement fund
  • Equality and fair treatment (the same rules apply to everyone)
  • Exceptional on the job training from fellow union rothers
  • Reduction of safety hazards
  • Discount at Red Wing shoe store (5035 NE 14th street, Des Moines)
  • Discount at G&L Clothing store (1801 Ingersoll Ave, Des Moines)
  • Discount at I Work & Play (1308 8th street #1, West Des Moines)
  • Access to Union Plus benefit programs including:
    • capital one credit card (cash rewards, rate advantage, credit access)
    • automobile insurance
    • Wireless service discounts through AT&T
    • mortgage program (up to $1000 gift money just for buying a house)
    • moving discounts (moving services, supplies, tuck rental, pod storage)

Government statistics Average pay for union construction workers is more than 50% above that of non-union construction workers. Also, union members are more likely to have healthcare and a pension – 82% of union construction workers have health insurance, compared to only 46% of non-union construction workers and 77% of union construction workers have a pension plan, compared to only 35% of non-union construction workers.


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