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Urgent Action!! No to SSB3158

Attention, members of Laborers Local 177! We need your voices NOW!

Urgent Action Alert: SSB3158 threatens the rights of workers and unions, and it's crucial that we make our voices heard. Call your state senators TODAY and urge them to vote NO on SSB3158! This bill poses a serious threat to the hard-fought rights and protections we've secured for workers. Let's stand united against any measure that undermines our collective strength.

Dial your state senator's office and express your concerns about SSB3158. Share how this bill negatively impacts workers and unions. Every call counts, and your voice matters in defending our rights!

Together, we can protect the foundation of our strength – the rights of every worker. Make the call, spread the word, and let's stand strong for Laborers Local 177!



Hello Brothers and Sisters,

We are calling on everyone to take action on the union busting bill SSB3158 and contact Iowa Senators and most importantly YOUR Senator. → Find Your Legislator. Please keep your comments respectful and it's ok to be brief. It's always a good idea to leave your name, address and contact information.

It is best to write your own email and use your own words and experiences.

Email your Iowa Senator HERE


The bill requires a union to go to court if the public employer fails to upload an employee list to the labor board for recertification purposes or the unit will be decertified. This proposal penalizes public sector unions for failing to take an action which is not within their control.

  • Say NO to union busting. Call or email your Senators, and tell them to oppose SSB 3158.

50 years ago, Iowa passed a bipartisan bill to give public sector workers union rights and it was signed by a Republican Governor to promote harmonious labor relations. The first sentence of the Chapter 20 law: “The general assembly declares that it is the public policy of the state to promote harmonious and cooperative relationships between government and its employees by permitting public employees to organize and bargain collectively.” The result was Iowa having the best schools in the nation, strong communities, less conflict, and a stable quality workforce.

In 2017, led by out of state groups, the legislature passed a law designed to crush workers' voices, stripped bargaining rights and contract language, and forced unions to pay for a recertification election for each contract. Worker voices have been loud and clear. Against every hurdle, for seven years, over 98% of voters consistently defend their unions. Now the same out of state billionaire funded groups like Americans for Prosperity and the Mackinac Center Action are at it again.

  • The bill: If an employer doesn’t submit a voting list to the state, workers lose their union. To keep it, we must wage costly lawsuits.
  • It can incentivize public employers to not turn in an employee list to force the union to take the employer to court just to retain their union.
  • Who is being hurt by these endless attacks on hard-working Iowans? All of us. Rising turnover, employees fleeing to other states, schools understaffed, roads less maintained and even more hospitals closing.
  • Workers shouldn’t have to jump through hoops and pay the state to have a union and they most definitely shouldn’t have to take them to court.

Email your Iowa Senator HERE


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