Get Involved

There are multiple ways to be involved in your local. The simplest and easiest way is to attend the monthly union meetings held on the first Thursday of every month at 6:30. Located at the union hall, 3400 E Euclid Ave, Des Moines. We encourage ALL members to attend, especially those who are in the apprenticeship program.

You Must Bring Your Union Card to the Meeting

To attend the monthly membership meetings:

  • Dues must be paid current
  • Dues payments not accepted after business hours prior to the start of the monthly membership meeting

The monthly dues are due on the first day of the month and unless paid on or before the last day of the following month, the member shall be deemed suspended by the International Union without notice. You can pay by cash, check, money order, or credit card. Card payments must pay a $2 processing fee. You can also pay online once you are an active member in good standing; you are considered "active" once you receive your union card, and you are in "good standing" when you are current (not suspended). A member shall not be subject to suspension for an employer's failure to remit that member's dues to the Union where the member has executed a valid voluntary dues checkoff authorization card and where the employer has deducted those dues from the member's wages. 

You can get involved and get regular updates from your union by joining the LiUNA! Action Network.

Local, State, and Federal Issues

Laborers' 177 fights hard to make sure our members have the opportunities, compensation, and benefits they deserve.  As part of this, it's important for our members to stay up to date on the issues and most importantly have their voices heard by voting. Be sure to register to vote.

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